Away from Everywhere Bestseller 
Chad Pelley’s fiction has been recognized by a dozen literary awards. His debut novel, Away from Everywhere, was a Coles bestseller, and was adapted into a film starring Jason Priestley, Joanne Kelly, and Shawn Doyle. Away from Everywhere was also shortlisted for the ReLit Award, the Canadian Author’s Association’s Emerging Author Award, and it won the CBC NLAC Emerging Artist Award.

His second novel, Every Little Thing,  was released in March of 2013 and CBC Canada Reads winner Lisa Moore called it “Stylistically fresh, taut with emotional torques and charges,” and “Cant’-put-it-down compelling.” It was shortlisted for the ReLit Award.

His short fiction has won several awards, and has been published in journals — like Prairie Fire, The Antigonish Review, and The New Quarterly — as well as several anthologies and textbooks. His debut collection Four Letter Words, about people longing for things they’ll never, have will be released in Spring 2016.

Chad has facilitated a creative writing course at Memorial University, formerly ran the popular book blog Salty Ink, writes for advertizing companies, and has written for a variety of publications, such as Quill & Quire, Globe and Mail, The TelegramThe National Post, and the Telegraph-Journal. In January of 2014, he founded The Overcast: Newfoundland’s Alternative Newspaper, which celebrates the artists, entrepreneurs, and culture of his home province.

He also sells photography and writes half a dozen songs a month (click here to hear them), but can’t sing well enough to pursue a career in music, hence the whole book thing.

Email: chad[at]theovercast.ca

66 Responses to About

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    while you’re at it, please change the balance of my bank account as well ;-)


  2. Dex says:


    Looking forward to reading the book.


  3. Anonymous says:

    love the new photo avec beard!

  4. linda says:

    just finished reading(away from everywhere) and what a book.i was immediately drawn into the story so much that i couldn’t put it down. i’m an avid reader so this was a pure pleasure to read.

  5. chadpelley says:

    Thanks so much! I appreciate you taking the time to say so.

  6. Wendy C says:

    Happened upon your book and was intrigued with the intro and the fact that you were local was a definite factor for me buying it. I read the first few pages when I got home and was immediately drawn into the story, I could not put it down – fantastic!

  7. Andrew Moores says:


    Glad to see you are doing well. Congrats on the book. Phenomenal soundtrack and trailer!


  8. Dex says:


    I had to drop by and once again express my pride in your accomplishments. I read the book – couldn’t put it down. And now I can proudly say that I have an “Award winning” nephew. Everyone should read this!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Amazing book. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more of your work!

  10. Chris says:

    Chad, When I was visiting St. John’s in November you happened to be signing your books in Chapters. So to support a local author I said hello and purchased your book. I finally had the time to read it over the Christmas holidays and wow! What a storyteller you are! I loved it! I will spread the word.

    And it was fun to see Iona Bulgin’s name in your acknowledgements. Iona and I used to hang out during my university years when I lived in St. John’s.

    I will be looking forward to your next book!

  11. Tanya says:

    Wow! Loved, loved, loved your book! Please write more…and often!

  12. The Reader says:

    Just finished Away From Everywhere and it was a very good read. I will check out some of your other books!

  13. Steph.F says:

    Just Finished your novel “Away From Everywhere” and it was so good that I had to get on the computer at 1:30am and write you a kudo’s. Tired of reading the same old, same old that it was so refreshing to read a novel and not know where it was going. I thought it was very unpredictable, kept me on edge and a definate page turner. Keep Writing Chad because your writing is amazing!

    the unoffical soundtrack is perfect too!

  14. Angela says:

    Loved your book!! I found it hard to put down and was sad that it ended! Can’t wait for your next book.

  15. Pam says:

    I was just recently back home and bought your book in a store on Water Street….wow…what a fantastic read! Please, please get busy and write more!!! Great job and congrats on the success!

    Btw..I was in a locally owned bookstore in Ottawa just today and mentioned your book; they hadn’t heard of it so I suggested they add it to their bookclub list.

  16. carol ann says:

    WOW!!!! Loved the book. I am an avid reader and this book drew me in and I couldn’t wait to see where it was going. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Keep publishing. From your newest fan.

  17. Rebecca says:


    I just finished devouring your book! Thanks for your absolutely amazing work! So glad that I stopped by at your book signing at Christmas at the Glacier recently and I am looking forward to your next book. Congratulations!

  18. Jodi says:

    Hey Chad,
    Picked up your book at the airport on my way to the Caribbean for a holiday. Wound up spending 2 days on the beach reading until the end – by then my eyes were nearly blind and I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. Your book gave me 2 things. One, I need glasses, and two, I have a new addition to my top 3 favorites. Looking forward to the next one.

  19. Michelle from Calgary says:

    I bought your book for myself just before Christmas on the recommendations of the Chapters staff. Even as I was wandering around the store with it in hand, a staff member commented that it was a great book. I went home confident that I was about to escape in to a great read.

    I have now finished Away from Everywhere and LOVED it. As some of the others noted I did not want it to end. Part way through the book I flipped to the back to read about the author and was very surprised about a few things… 1) your a guy 2) you are young 3) you’re Canadian! Now to explain why that was surprising… You wrote Hannah’s journal entries with such deep emotion and just nailed what so many women think about themselves. Amazing. You are truly a talented individual and have a real ability for creating depth in your characters. Thank you for an incredibly pleasurable read. Keep up the good work!

    • chadpelley says:

      Michelle: Firstly: thanks! Secondly: A lot of people have commented on how a “young” “man” could write the Hannah character. Funnily enough, I found her the easiest character to write in all I’ve written! I’ve met a few women who are with the wrong man … and ran with that. (With the idea that we can get locked into a life, but the only thing keeping us there is ourselves, the pace of life, etc …)

  20. Marilyn says:

    Hi Chad,

    I just finished reading your book and like everyone else who commented here I couldn’t put it down. I love to read local writer’s work so when a friend offered it to me and I noticed Kenneth Harvey endorsed it I had a feeling it would be good.

    I am a counsellor and was amazed at your insight!! My friends and I plan to start a book club soon and I will definitely be recommending your book.

    Keep up the good work. It always makes us proud to see such great talent here in the province.

  21. Tarot Readings, St. John's, NL says:

    Just short and sweet; your eye for photos are heaven sent Chad!

  22. Mary Ryan says:

    Hi Chad!
    Received one of your photographs as a Christmas present. I am from St Mary’s Bay, but live in Ottawa. My sister was visiting and gave me a print titled Puffins, love it!

    Mary Ryan

  23. Vanessa says:

    Saw you randomly at the village mall doing a book signing, I walked by and asked “this book any good?” Your reply “I think it’s good”. Anyways, it was a wonderful read, so much so I picked up “Away from Everywhere”. Best of luck and again I hope you make lots of money!

  24. random962 says:

    How do you compile a book.. get it all to come together? I find I start off good but about mid way I can’t figure out how to finish it and get frustrated and give up. I have a couple of novels written but I know I can do much better..

    • chadpelley says:

      funny thing for me is I always seem to know how I’m going to start and end a book: the middle is my challenge, connecting the dots. But I always find that writer’s block only happens when I’;m AWAY form a computer. I find if you sit and write, it’s always just a matter of keeping up. The end of one chapter raises questions or tensions I need to address in the next. I know that doesn’t help, sorry.

  25. Vee says:

    Okay no pressure. Away from everywhere, read. Every little thing, read. Couldn’t put either of them down. They remind me somewhat of David Adams Richards, love all of his work as well. Anything coming out soon from you?

    • chadpelley says:

      Thanks, Vee! Funny you should say so. I’m on a panel with David tomorrow at a festival in Saint John, NB. I have a book of short stories written, and I’ll have a new novel written by Christmas — this one I actually like! — but who knows who long it’ll take by the time they go through all the channels and hit the shelves. Appreciate the kind words.

  26. Rachel says:

    I am not in the habit of seeking out writers, but in this case I felt compelled to do so. I finished Every Little Thing last night and I loved it so much that I felt like I had to do something about it. I am still thinking about the story and got so invested with your characters, I was actually sad to see it all end. I just wanted you to know that you now have a huge fan in this fellow Newfoundlander and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Thank you.

  27. xaiver says:

    Read Away From Everywhere à few years ago in Iona’s NL course, it was amazing. I loved all the characters and the insanely intense personal relationships each reader could develop with the characters. From the the dad, mom, the boys and Hannah, they were all so réal. What à great read. I need to keep following your career. Your writing feels so effortless and that makes reading your Story so easy. Thanks man!

  28. Johnc214 says:

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  29. Janie Chang says:

    I want to add this: Chad Pelley is the nicest guy in CanLit! ‘Every Little Thing’ is next on my TBR stack and can’t wait to dive into it. First of the summer reading.

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